Lioness mask, handmade leather lion wild cat mask for Halloween, Lion King theater, Mardi Gras, masquerade costume

If the lion is king of beasts, then the fierce lioness is certainly the queen! This regal wild cat mask is handmade from a single piece of leather and dyed that classic tawny yellowish-brown lion color, and details are carved into the leather and hand-painted. It ties on with brown organdy ribbons. When you wear this gorgeous Lioness mask to the masquerade, you’ll be the pride of the party!

If you’re looking for a couple of costumes to grace the masquerade together, I also make a Lion Cub mask, sold separately. (It isn’t sized for a child, but would likely fit a teen or an adult friend.) These masks would also serve well as theater costumes. See the last photos for the lioness-and-cub duo of masks.
Sold out? Have this item Made to Order, specially for you! (This link will initiate an email to discuss details with the artist.)

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