Frequently Asked Questions & Shop Policies

  • What is Eirewolf Creations?

Eirewolf Creations is my artisan business, owned and operated by me, Erin Metcalf. I create and sell various kinds of art and artisan goods; my current focus is on leather masquerade masks, pirate eye patches, jewelry (often inspired by armor), bags and purses, and accessories for costumes and everyday wear. I work out of my home studio in Silicon Valley, California (USA).

Erin of Eirewolf Creations, wearing one of her handmade leather butterfly masks.


  • Didn't you used to make something else...? 

Yes! I have worked in various mediums. You might have seen my sculptures, including my Dragon Snails. Those little guys can still be seen in my deviantART gallery.  

  • Do you take commissions?

I consider commissions for leather masquerade masks, eye patches, pouches, and other items similar to what you'll find in my shop. If you like my style and have an idea for an original piece (or you want something similar to an existing piece I've created), send me an email and we can discuss the details.

Keep in mind that the more artistic liberty you allow me, the more fun it will be for me to design it and the more of my artistic style will come through -- but if you have specific preferences, I need to to know what they are before I start the design (and before I give you an estimate on the price). Also, if there is a strict deadline for completion and delivery, I need to know before we start.  

  • What do you charge for commissioned pieces? 

Due to the fluid nature of the creative process, I have no "set in stone" price sheet. However, there are some general guidelines that I follow when determining the price of a commission piece, such as how long I expect it to take, whether it's a rush job, what materials will be involved, etc.

For example, if you want a mask that I have already designed but don't happen to have in stock, the price for a new one is likely to stay the same or close to what I sold it for previously (unless it is a rush job or you want special coloring or different markings on it). However, if I have to start the design from scratch, it may take considerably more time (for which I would charge accordingly). If I think that a mask design that you commission is likely to sell again, the price would be lower than if it were a one-time-only piece.

Any estimate I give you for a commission will be based on the details you have given me. If you add information or change your mind on the details, the price may go up accordingly during the design process.

Before starting a commissioned piece, I generally require a nonrefundable deposit of half the total. The other half (plus shipping cost) is due upon completion and before delivery. (I will send photos of the finished piece.)

  • What are your return policies?

All items besides masks and eye patches may be returned within 30 days (in the condition received) for a full refund. (See below for policy on masks and eye patches.) 

"What if the mask I purchased doesn't fit?"

I design my masks to fit the average adult face. Of course, not everyone has an average face, and sometimes a mask just doesn't want to cooperate. Some suggestions that might help are to gently flex the mask to widen or narrow it, and/or use pieces of sticky-back felt (which I provide) on the inside of the mask to make it sit more comfortably. If it still just won't fit...

I accept mask and eye patch returns for a full refund if you notify me and send the item back to me (Priority Mail with delivery confirmation if in the U.S.) within 7 days after you receive it. Items must be returned unworn (except for trying on) and in the condition received. (If the item is a gift for someone else, let me know and the return period may be extended. The short time frame is to discourage costume "borrowing.")

As shipping insurance is NOT available to some countries including Israel, Mexico, and many African countries except via Priority Mail Express International, buyers from such countries assume all risks of damage or loss, and purchases will not be returnable or refundable unless the buyer chooses to pay extra for Priority Mail Express International (and I will pay for insurance). Please contact me before purchase if you have questions.

  • What are your shipping policies? 

I usually ship items within one business day (unless they are made to order), from California (USA).

I ship throughout the USA, and internationally to countries for which makes insurance coverage available (the list is on their website) — except Italy, where I am not allowed to ship leather items.

I ship via USPS, First Class Mail Package for small items (like eye patches) and Priority Mail for masks within the United States. I ship via First Class International for buyers outside the U.S. (unless Priority or Priority Mail Express International is requested and paid for). I pay for insurance myself, or personally guarantee my items.

If you are in the U.S. and you purchase more than one item at the same time, I am happy to ship the additional items at no additional cost. I will combine shipping on multiple items for international buyers. In either case, please send me your postal or zip code and a list of desired items for an accurate shipping cost before purchase. Otherwise I will issue a partial refund for the extra shipping. (If you pay via Paypal, this shipping difference refund can only be issued if you have a verified account. If you don't have an account with Paypal, please use the other credit card processor in checkout, or send me your zip code and a list of desired items for an accurate shipping cost before purchase.) I will refund the difference if the actual shipping cost is more than $2.00 less than the automated estimate.  

I may use Signature Confirmation for items over $100.00 to make sure your purchase reaches the right hands (yours!).

If you pay with Paypal, I will ship to the address Paypal has on file for you. Please make sure your Paypal account has updated information. (If there is conflicting information, shipping may take longer as I will probably contact you for verification.)

INTERNATIONAL buyers are responsible for any duties, tariffs, or VAT that may be levied by their country's customs office. If you need to know what additional fees or taxes your country may charge before deciding to purchase, please contact your post office or government tax office. I will not declare a purchase as a gift, as I could be held criminally liable for falsifying customs forms.

Please contact me before purchase if you have questions.

  • How did you get started in this art form of leatherworking?

See my About page for a detailed answer to this question. If you are a fellow artisan and want to know how to get started in leather maskmaking or leatherworking in general, (first check Google/YouTube, but if you're at a loss...) send me an email and I'm happy to answer questions, point you to tutorials, and help as best as I can!