Raven mask leather crow masquerade costume Halloween Mardi Gras Trickster larp black bird

This elegant black leather mask is called Raven the Trickster. It is a unique focal piece for a costume for Halloween, fantasy larp, a themed wedding, costume party or masquerade. When it's not being worn, it can be displayed as a sculpture art piece. The raven is cousin to another clever bird in the corvid family, the crow, and is featured in some Trickster folklore.

Raven the Trickster mask is hand-carved and sculpted from a single piece of vegetable-tanned leather using a technique similar to cuir bouilli ("boiled leather," as used for historical armor), but with a more flexible and less brittle result. It is dyed, painted, and sealed to protect it from moisture. The color is black with iridescent blue accents on the carved "feather" details and around the eyes. This mask is lightweight and slightly flexible, and is designed to fit the average face. The ties are black organdy ribbon.  

I also make an Albino Raven mask and a Celtic Raven mask. Custom colors may be commissioned. 


Sold out? Want a different color? Have this item Made to Order, specially for you! (This link will initiate an email to discuss details with the artist.)

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