2 inch wide leather wrist cuff bracelet, unisex, handmade, red brown or tan

Brick Red
Medium Brown

Handmade leather wrist cuff bracelet, 2” wide, slotted, adjustable with no snaps or clasps. This is a metal-free leather cuff bracelet. Choose between brick red, medium brown, or light orange-brown tan. Two adjustable sizes available to fit a wide range of adult and teen wrists.

Sizing: Because this leather wrist cuff is slotted, tapering, and completely claspless, it is adjustable to fit a range of wrist sizes. I estimate that the Small-to-Medium size would fit a wrist between 5 3/4” and 7 3/4” (~ 14.5-19.5cm) in circumference, with the tapered end going through at least 3 of the 4 slots. I estimate the Large size will fit a wrist between 8” to 10” (~ 20.3-25.4cm) in circumference.

(This bracelet is 2 inches wide, so measure your wrist circumference about 2” (5.1cm) back from the wrist bone. My own wrist is about 7 1/4” at that point, and the end of the Small-to-Medium cuff just barely goes through all 4 slots to fit snugly.)


I love the look of leather cuff bracelets. Stylish and a little bit badass, they make me think of modern-day urban armor. But so many of them will only fit limited sizes. I wanted to create a wrist cuff design that could fit a range of people — men and women, small and slender to large and burly. So I dreamed up this unisex adjustable slotted design without metal snaps or clasps of any kind, that will conform to your wrist shape over time as you wear it. You can wear it loose or snug, whatever is most comfortable for you.

I never used to wear bracelets very often, myself. Most of them tend to snag on things, get in my way, or annoy me in other ways. So when I started wearing the prototype of this leather wrist cuff design to test-drive it, I thought I’d only wear it as long as it took to make sure it would “work.” Several months later, I have one of each color and I’m still happily wearing one almost every day. My wrist feels lonely without it.

This claspless slotted leather wrist cuff bracelet is an Eirewolf Creations original. I designed and created it from start to finish. Handmade in the USA, using high-quality cow leather sourced from an American tannery.


How to wear it: Slot the tapered end of the bracelet through all slots, and gently roll it in your hands for a few minutes to soften and loosen up the leather (which may be stiff). Loosen it to the first couple slots, then slide it over your hand. (I usually wear it slots-up with the tapered end pointing away from my body.) Push/pull the end through the remaining slots. This may be a bit tricky the first time, but will get easier each time as the cuff bracelet softens and conforms to your wrist shape.

My leather cuff bracelets are designed to handle normal wear, but please don’t wear them in the shower or immerse them in liquid, as too much moisture can damage the leather and/or dyes.

Every piece of leather is slightly different, and may have natural “flaws” — this is part of the beauty and uniqueness of a product that is handmade from natural materials. The finish of your cuff bracelet will also have normal wear at the friction points.


Sold out? Want a different color or size? Have this item Made to Order, specially for you! (This link will initiate an email to discuss details with the artist.)

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