Scarred Assassin mask red wounded handmade leather masquerade costume Halloween Mardi Gras

The Scarred Assassin is a handmade leather half-mask for a fighter who has seen many battles -- not always with a human opponent. Perhaps some of the mask's scars are from the razor-sharp claws of a fearsome creature, blades that nature bestowed. The dark red-brown mottled coloring is reminiscent of the dried blood spatter of hundreds of foes.

I could see someone pairing this mask with special effects makeup or a prosthetic wound on the eye to match the gruesome three-clawed scar, and maybe some leather wrist bracers. Of course a dramatic hooded cloak is always a fun addition for a masquerade or Halloween costume.

This leather mask was handmade from concept to finish by one artist (me), and each one is completely unique. (Two different masks are pictured here, both sold.) Even I couldn't make them identical. The mask has been hand-shaped and dyed, painted and sealed to protect it from moisture. It is slightly flexible and lightweight for your comfort, and is sized to fit the average face, either men or women.  It ties with black organdy ribbons.

I also make a scarred eye patch with a similar aesthetic.

For larp (live action role play), the scarred mask grants the wearer +2 to Intimidate skill. (Disclaimer: I make no guarantees that your GM will agree.)  ;-)


Sold out? Want a different color? Have this item Made to Order, specially for you! (This link will initiate an email to discuss details with the artist.)

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