Blue Black Butterfly handmade leather masquerade mask for Halloween costume, Mardi Gras, masquerade wedding, LARP, lepidopterists

The Blue Black Butterfly is an exotic species of handmade leather mask, dyed and painted shimmering black with subtle dark blue and purple coloring around the edges of the wings. The butterfly's body is dark purplish blue with subtle silver highlights. The long-tailed, wide-winged butterfly makes a dramatic and elegant costume piece for a masquerade party, Mardi Gras, themed wedding, Halloween costume, or fantasy larp. Whether it is being worn or hanging on the wall, it it a beautiful and unique work of art.

The shape of this butterfly mask is fairly feminine, though it can be worn by men, women, or any gender. The long tails of the butterfly or moth wings cover the corners of the mouth, which (in this artist's opinion) adds to the allure. The body of the butterfly curves around the wearer's nose, and the tips and ends of the wings curve away from the face -- it's a gorgeously curvy mask!

The mask is sculpted from a single piece of leather, with careful attention to quality and craftsmanship. There is no glue anywhere on the piece so it won't fall apart. It is flexible and lightweight, and designed to fit most people. The mask ties on with blue organdy ribbons.


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