Red Panda leather mask handmade Firefox Halloween costume masquerade larp Mardi Gras Carnival

The Red Panda, also known as a Firefox, is one of the most adorable furry creatures in the animal kingdom, and now you can have one -- and become one! At the very least, you can own this lovingly handmade leather Red Panda mask to hang on the wall as art or wear as part of a masquerade, larp (live action role play), furry or Halloween costume.

Every step in the creation of this mask was done by hand, starting with a single piece of vegetable-tanned leather. The mask was designed, the shape cut out, the markings carved, the mask wet-formed, dyed, painted, and finished all by a single artist (who has, more than once, been happily accused of being meticulous). The Red Panda mask is one of my favorite designs thus far. Even though it is a bit of a challenge to create (it has many small details, and it takes several coats of paint to get a solid white!), the results are stunning, spectacular, transformative, and adorable. This mask is lightweight and easy to wear, tying on with black organdy ribbons. It is designed to fit both average and large sized faces, both men and women. 

Role players gain a +2 Charisma bonus when wearing the Red Panda mask (though I make no promises that your game-master will recognize this fact)!  ;-) 


Sold out? Have this item Made to Order, specially for you! (This link will initiate an email to discuss details with the artist.)

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