Great Horned Owl handmade leather bird mask Halloween masquerade costume larp Mardi Gras Carnival

Natural Brown Owl
Blue and Black Owl

The Great Horned Owl is a noble bird of prey and a fearsome hunter. Handmade from a single piece of leather, this handsome Great Horned Owl mask is sure to turn heads at the masquerade. The base color is dyed medium brown, and feather details are painted with acrylics. Some feather details were also carved into the leather. It ties on with black organdy ribbons. This mask is designed to fit most adults, both men and women.

An alternative version of this mask is painted black with subtle iridescent blue feathers, and has blue ribbons. (See the last three photos.)

For role players, the Owl mask endows the wearer with +2 Wisdom (deferring to the judgement of your game master, of course, as is wise.)  ;-)


Sold out? Want a different color? Have this item Made to Order, specially for you! (This link will initiate an email to discuss details with the artist.)


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